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  • Veriglif bridges the data gap between companies and individuals

    Our blockchain based ‘network of networks’ transforms how personal data is permissioned, accessed and compensated

The problem is inefficiency and inequality

For decades, Brands around the world have dreamed of understanding, relating to and communicating with individuals at the right time.

Users aren’t usually compensated fairly for data nor is there much protection of their sovereign rights.

Our solution is simple

All stakeholders will continue with their existing business models and functions. We simply become the connective tissue and transactional engine to deliver liquidity and quality across the ecosystem.

  • Step 1

    Validate Identity

    Our datagraph automatically builds a confidence score on each individual based on the number of matching records.

  • Step 2

    Link Records

    The platform identifies the same individual across multiple suppliers to create a more wholistic view of the individual.

  • Step 3

    Catalog Available Data

    Using blockchain smart contracts for permission we inventory all the available data for each specific usage.

  • Step 4

    Allow Transactions

    Securely within a transparent marktplace.

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    Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Paid For Whats Truly Yours

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    Veriglif Bridges the Gap Between Companies and Consumers

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    Webinar - How A Better User Experience = Better Data Quality

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    Unlocking value for buyers, sellers and creators of personal data globally.y

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